North Indian Food

The north Indian food is world famous and it is appreciated all over the globe reason the tasty food with aroma. North Indian food starts from Punjab Tandoori food which includes Clay oven called Tandoor which is made by the clay and horse hair and the making of the Tandoor is difficult and takes so many days but the Tandoori food comes out very well due to charcoal used in as fuel but these days gas operated Tandoor are also available but it is not advisable because wonai??i??t get good aroma.Ai?? Food (meats / vegetables) first marinade with yoghurt and spices for over night to get maximum flavor of the spices and meat gets tender than arrange on a skewer and cook till it is cooked. Different Tandoori Kebabs, plain / stuffed bread can be cooked in the Tandoor.


The north Indian food meats / Vegetables cannot be completed with out the dishes with gravy (sauce). Hot spice powder is highly used in cooking.


Indian food is also popular for the sweets traditionally made on occasions or on a daily routine. Special Ingredients is used to make the sweets in Different regions.